Hitachi Seaside Park

Japan Hitachi Seaside Park
"Fireballs" by Reginald Pentinio is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Japan · Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park, located in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki prefecture, next to the Ajigaura Beach, is a National Government Park opened in 1991. It holds an extensive ground, which is about 350 hectares as a whole. This size is five times bigger than Tokyo Disneyland, and about 55% of the park is actually used.

Hitachi Seaside Park is a paradise of flowers, each season you will find a different variety of flower blossoming over the “Miharashi No Oka”, a hill commanding a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean ( so sometimes Hitachi Park is called as park of seasons ). Nemophila, narcissus and tulips bloom in spring, sunflowers bloom in summer, and kochia and cosmos bloom in autumn.

Kochia (Kochia scoparia), also known as summer cypress and burning bush, is one of large herbs that grows in brushes which is ranging from 1–6 inch tall. In every autumn, more than 30000 red Kochia bushes in Hitachi Seaside Park turn from green to red that are presenting you with amazing scenery. The magnificent red color has been cover almost the park’s hills area. Just like the scenery of magic red carpet hills which make visitor’s hearts skip a beat.

The park is particularly famous for blue nemophilas. Nemophilas are annual flowers with transparent blue petals. During spring, more than 4.5 million blue nemophilas bloom all over the park and the blooming period is called “Nemophilia Harmony”.

The annual festival dedicated to the cherry blossom is also an incredible sight! The branches of each tree are decorated with paper lanterns, and it gives a special reverent solemnity to the beautiful cherry dresses. In early spring when snow melts and the first greenery begin to break through out of the ground, the park is covered with snowdrops. Everything becomes white. Later, snowdrops are replaced by wonderful daffodils, and we see the endless yellow and white carpets of these beautiful flowers.

The word “Hitachi” can be literally translated from Japanese as “dawn”.