Shiroyone Senmaida

Japan Shiroyone Senmaida
輪島千枚田「あぜのきらめき」  Shiroyone Senmaida

Japan · Shiroyone Senmaida

Senmaida in Shiroyone-machi, Wajima city is a famous sightseeing spot which was registered to Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems as the rice paddies of “Satoyama and Satoumi in Noto”. Shiroyone Senmaida refers to the layers of some 1000 rice paddies on the slopes that stretch toward the sea. These rice paddies spreading almost geometrically are regarded as “the holy land of agriculture” in Japan. It now appears in the Guinness Book of World Records, cementing their status as a unique and valued site.

This rice field is too narrow, so no ploughing machinery can be used and all the work is done by traditional Japanese agricultural methods. The roadside station “Senmaida Pocket Park” has the best view of Senmaida and the sea. The rice cultivating work is done by the Japanese traditional way here. The large layers of rice paddies create a gorgeous scenery considered as “the original Japanese landscape.”

The green rice paddies create a beautiful and bright contrast to the sparkling background of the blue sea during the summer. It is famous for its view of the sunset as well. The best time is the season just before planting when rice paddies are filled with water. The water reflects the sunset and the sea and creates an unspeakably nostalgic scene. In contrast to the views of green in spring and summer, the terraced paddies turn a golden colour in the autumn.

During the winter months, Aze no Kirameki is an illumination event when you can see another stunning view of rice paddies, there are about 20000 LED lights placed along the walkways between rice paddies after the rice is harvested. Flickering LED lights change colors every 30 minutes to present the night of Senmaida in a fantastic and magnificent atmosphere. The LED lights work solely on solar power and demonstrates the greatness of natural energy.