Atlantic Ocean Road

Atlantic Ocean Road
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Norway · Atlantic Ocean Road

Welcome to one of the most amazing road trip in the world – The Atlantic Ocean Road, where you can drive on the coastal edge of Norway!

Situated in Norway, The Atlantic Ocean Road (called Atlanterhavsveien or Atlanterhavsvegen in Norwegian) is a part of Norwegian national road 64. It is close to the cities Molde and Kristiansund in the midwest part of the Norwegian coastline. It has one of the most scenic drives in the world and is ranked first on The Guardian’s list of the world’s best road trips!

riving along this road is like teetering on the edge of the sea. The curvy road dips and arches over the brutal waves of the Norwegian Sea that often crash over the pavement during storms. This unique highway will bring you out to the very farthest point where the land ends and the ocean begins.

This fantastic and spectacular road is a very popular tourist attraction. The road’s roller coaster-feel, curvy bridges and phenomenal views have made it a favorite of road trippers and motorcyclists. Both the local population and tourist visitors frequently use the road to go fishing for cod and other fish directly from the bridges. One of the bridges is special designed for fishing.

The road is narrow with dips and twists throughout often taking drivers by surprise. The weather in the area is also unpredictable and harsh with visibility disappearing quickly, strong winds, and sudden temperature drops.

For centuries, the ocean has been of great importance in Norway, both as a means of transport but also to industry, recreation and activities. In the communities close to the Atlantic Ocean, the fishing industry has been of great importance for generations.

The Atlantic Road is not only an improvement for transporting goods for the fishing industry, but also a magnificent journey for anyone who wants to experience the unique combination of nature and engineering, whether by car, foot or bike.