Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools
"Clear Blue Pools and falls of the Fairy Pools Isle of Skye Scotland" by Mandy is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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The Isle of Skye, located on Scotland’s west coast, is an amazing landscape of grassy knolls, scenic hillsides, rock formations, and castles, where fairy folklore abounds. Almost everywhere you turn, there is a place that looks as if it were a secret gathering spot for magic creatures, and there is usually a bit of local folklore to back that up. The sheer number of places named for Fairies should give an indication of how important folklore is on the Isle of Skye. The Fairy Pools are a collection of pools, streams, and a waterfall that create a beautiful scenery in the middle of the Glen Brittle forest.

The Fairy Pools are said to contain a certain amount of magic, hence their name. They are popular with hikers and “wild swimmers”. The pools are crystal clear and surrounded by large rocky cliffs and walls, waterfalls, and lush foliage.

The habitat of the Fairy Pools hosts a variety of animals, such as red deer, rabbits, and, of course, sheep. The area is also host to a large number of birds, which will piqueany bird enthusiast’s curiosity. Large flocks of crows, ravens, and gulls are present in the area, as well as such smaller birds as meadow pipits, turnstones, common ringed plovers, grey herons, dunlins, and curlews, just to name a few. The physical landscape is predominately rocky, with some boggy areas here and there. The water in the area is typically cold. Therefore, if one is thinking about swimming in the pools, bringing a quality wetsuit along might be a good option to consider.

Visitors can make the 2.4km walk to the pools by from the car park up the rising gravel path towards the Black Cuillins, the water source for the river Brittle. Along the route bordered with grass, heather, peat and rocks, eventually you can stop and admire the largest waterfall that marks the location of the Fairy Pools, or walk further up the path and explore some of the smaller pools that lie ahead.