Prskalo Waterfall

Prskalo Waterfall
By Maja Stosic (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Prskalo waterfall by Milan Urošević on

Serbia · Prskalo Waterfall

Prskalo waterfall (which can be translated as “spatter” or “splashed”) is one of the most beautiful and most interesting waterfalls in Serbia, with its very unusual structure that resembles a tall stone sculpture. The water from the nearby spring flows over the top of the rock, creating a thin but powerful jet. It is located in the Kučaj mountains, 17 km away from the nearest paved road, at about 760 meters above sea level.

The waterfall is frequently compared with a skillfully carved sculpture. The dome of Prskalo is composed of tufa layers, so a thin stream of water joyously runs down from the height of 15 meters, and through the narrow channels it is sprayed down. The cute waterfall is located on the slopes of South Kucaj, in a valley of Nekudovo river. Nearby there is a water source, which is surrounded by lush moss and dark green. It seems that this place is a piece of untouched nature. Actually, consequently, it is not popularized. Although, due to the fact that it is close to the road, waterfall still entices passers.

This place is the territory protected by the state, because the greenery planting and all the surrounding nature are gradually dying due to the human intervention.

Nearby there is a wooden table and chairs, so you can rest next to the handsome waterfall in the bosom of nature. Very few people know about this place, and, as a whole, there is not a lot of information, however, there are nature lovers, who arrange a tent rest in its “yard”.

It is rather hard to get here. The way lies through the almost impossible to forest road. But such a peculiar hiking to the Prskalo waterfall is definitely worth all your efforts.

Due to its unusual look and uniqueness, it has become famous worldwide among nature lovers.