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Singapore Infinite Pool
By Nsaa (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
SkyPark Infinity Pool SkyPark Infinity Pool

Singapore · Infinity Pool

Imagine yourself floating in the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool, gazing down on the glittering city-skyline from 57 levels above as the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Infinity pool in Marina Bay Sands Skypark was opened in 2010 in Singapore. The 340-meter long pool belongs to a 2560 rooms hotel and is one of the biggest and most impressive in the world.

The Infinity pool’s construction is indeed amazing: it embraces 3 buildings. It looks like the water spills over the edge. However, it is being pumped back into this gorgeous pool, which is 55 storeys up.

Architect Moshe Safdiehas designed the Marina Sands resort. Legendary Diana Ross sang during the hotel’s opening night. The whole Skypark complex attracts thousands of visitors each day.

But swimming to the edge will not be quite as risky as it looks. While the water in the infinity pool seems to end in a sheer drop, it actually spills into a catchment area where it is pumped back into the main pool. The pools have two circulation systems. The first functions like that of a regular pool, filtering and heating the water in the main pool. The second filters the water in the catch basin and returns it to the upper pool.

The infinity pool on the roof of SkyPark spans the three towers of the hotel. The platform itself is longer than the Eiffel tower laid down and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. At 3 times the length of an Olympic pool, it is the largest outdoor pool in the world at that height.