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USA Glacier National Park Montana Lake Mcdonald

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USA Glacier National Park Montana Lake Mcdonald

Glacier National Park Glacier National Park

USA · Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is home to hundreds of glacier-carved peaks, over hundreds of lakes, hundreds of rivers, waterfalls and streams, and over 700 miles of maintained hiking trails. It is known as “The Crown of the Continent” and the “American Alps” for a good reason – this place is so beautiful and so spectacular that words cannot describe it.

John Muir once said that it holds “…the best care-killing scenery on the continent.” and the late Robin Williams called it God’s backyard.

Glacier National Park was born thousands of years ago, carved by glacial movements and the hands of nature. It was reborn as a national park in 1910. And again, as the world’s first International Peace Park (with Canada’s Waterton Lakes National Park) in 1932. It is also a World Heritage Site and is the only site that borders two countries without walls or fences. Today, it is a destination for those seeking unsurpassed beauty, thrilling adventure and the trip of a lifetime.

Glacier National Park preserves more than 1 million acres of forests, alpine meadows and lakes. Its diverse habitats are home to more than 70 species of mammals and more than 260 species of birds. The park contains more than 350 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Sites and six National Historic Landmarks. The spectacular glaciated landscape is a hiker’s or walker’s paradise, containing 700 miles of maintained trails that lead deep into one of the largest intact ecosystems in the Lower 48. Along these trails, visitors find out why Glacier is regarded to be among Earth’s most lovely places with every sublime step. This environment is truly a wilderness hiker’s paradise.

It is open year-round, with each season offering a wealth of unique experiences and stories. From Jan to Mar, Glacier is a premier destination for skiing, snowshoeing, and for other winter sports. In the fall, autumn leaves burst with colour complementing the epic mountain scenery. During summer, people come to see wildlife, go camping, fish and boat on perfect glacial lakes.

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