Spider Rock

Spider Rock
Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Navajo Nation, Arizona

Spider rock, Canyon de Chelley by Geoff Griffiths on 500px.com

USA · Spider Rock

Canyon de Chelly (pronounced da Shay) National Monument, located in the northeast corner of the state, is one of Arizona’s lesser known destinations, but one of its most dramatic and inspiring. Though much smaller than the Grand Canyon, visitors often say it can be just as spectacular with its extraordinary ruins and breathtaking features. Spider Rock, stands with awesome dignity and beauty over 800 feet high there, is a sort of unofficial icon of Canyon de Chelly. Geologists of the National Park Service say that “the formation began 230 million years ago.

Windblown sand swirled and compressed with time created the spectacular red sandstone monolith. Long ago, the Dine (Navajo) Indian tribe named it Spider Rock.

Stratified, multicolored cliff walls surround the canyon. For many, many centuries the Dine (Navajo) built caves and lived in these cliffs. Most of the caves were located high above the canyon floor, protecting them from enemies and flash floods.