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Samoa is located south of the equator, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. The Samoan islands have been produced by vulcanism, the source of which is the Samoa hotspot which is probably the result of a mantle plume. While all of the islands have volcanic origins, only Savai’i, the western most island in Samoa, is volcanically active with the most recent eruptions in Mt Matavanu, Mata o le Afi and Mauga Afi.

The islands have narrow coastal plains with volcanic, rocky, rugged mountains in the interior. It is comprised of 10 islands. The 2 main islands are Upolu and Savai’i. The capital, Apia, and the international airport are on Upolu. Apia is the commercial hub of the country but is more like a sleepy town than a bustling metropolitan. But don’t be fooled by its sleepy appearance, some of the best restaurants and bars are found along the main strip of beach road and Apia Marina.

Samoa is where emerald shore meets azure sea. Serene but spirited, wild yet well-manicured, hushed but birthed by volcanic explosions; stunning Samoa is a paradisaical paradox. Despite its intense natural beauty – all iridescent seas, jade jungles and crystal waterfalls – this is a humble place, devoid of mega-resorts and flashy attractions, but with welcomes as warm as the island sun.

Despite its isolation, Samoa offers accessible adventures. From the relative ruckus of Apia to the soul-stirring silence of Savai’i, you’ll find a paradise that is safe, sweet and easy to get around.

Holidays in Samoa are great for so many reasons. The islands are home to beautiful beaches, friendly locals and tonnes of chances to explore the nature of culture of the area. The food, flea markets, people and traditions are all bold, delightful and down to earth, so you’ll feel welcomed instantly.